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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that will happily accept your tax-deductible donation. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Watershed Council, please contact lbwcexecutivedirector@gmail.com.
Your support is greatly appreciated!

You can find out which Watershed Council Board Member representative addresses your interests on the Who We Are page. Contact information for each of these representatives is provided on that page.

To learn more about the Lower Boise Watershed Council or to schedule a presentation about water quality for your group, contact lbwcexecutivedirector@gmail.com.



Nominations are being accepted until Oct. 2, 2017 to fill five board positions. The new board positions will begin January 2018. The applicable board positions will be three year terms. The following positions are open for nominations:

  • • Agricultural position “A” currently held by Andy Waldera
  • • Agricultural position “B” currently held by Bob Braun
  • • Flood control position currently held by Steve Sweet
  • • Stormwater position currently held by Erica Anderson Maguire
  • • Other or at large position currently held by Michael Fuss

Process for nomination and election:

1. Any person interested in serving on the Lower Boise Watershed Council board may submit a nomination form (attached) and letter of interest. Nominees must designate the interest group they wish to represent - Agriculture, Flood Control, Stormwater, At Large. Nominees must demonstrate they are qualified to represent the interest group through affiliation or expertise. More information on qualifications is available upon request.

2. Nomination forms and letters of interest must be submitted to the LBWC's Interim Executive Director (Tom Dupuis) at Thomas.Dupuis@hdrinc.com no later than October 2nd.

3. Qualified nominees’ applications will be forwarded to the board of directors by October 6th.

4. At the October 12th board meeting, nominees will be reviewed and a slate of nominees will be selected.

5. Board of directors will vote on the nominees at the November 9th board meeting.

6. Newly elected board members will assume their duties on January 1, 2018.

Please feel free to share this email and information with others you think may be interested.

Download the nomination form here: Nomination Form